Sunday, January 25, 2009

7th Term

Back to school and its time to wean myself off Mazda form language. For independent project Im going to tackle Nissan compacts. Although I'm aware the Nissan Versa is a very economical affordable car, I still think it broadens Nissan's brand image way too much, especially with the GTR coming out. Therefore having a bottom level benchmark might bring a little more seriousness to the overall brand. Also Its a good opportunity to streamline Nissan graphics and form language/graphics to something that is more defined and recognizable. Right now the sport, utility, and economy seem to have very different faces.

This being a a GTI fighter, I wanted some premium and even more performance. a little researched revealed that the Subaru STI has an impressive 0-60 at 4.7 seconds! Its kind of a fluke because it can reach this before 3rd gear but still, something this model should combat, so for all you gearheads out there its time to talk specs because I really want it to influence the design as well as the inspiration. Turbo all wheel drive? Rear? Whats practical packaging for 2015?

As for Nissan any input would be great. Theory on form language, whats annoying/not working, ect.

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