Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pre show jitters

So its 2:30 am and Calty presentations begin at 8:30...of course I can't sleep.

It still amazes me how the internet works. Early this morning I got a call from a guy from the Sci-Fi channel who saw my Nasa moonrover on car design news and wanted higher quality pictures to put on their tech blogger site, which I did. 12 hours later the pictures could be found on nearly 20 other gadget websites like gizmodo. Some were in Spanish and Russian. It amazes me how even ten years ago this would have been impossible, much less the rest of human history.

It was amusing to see some of the commentary, especially the Gizmodo columnist who photoshopped "gas guzzler" onto my rendering and claimed it was the SUV of moon rovers. Most of the comments shot it down as an impossible engineering feat, but I must say, so was flying at one time...if we don't dream about it, we'll never get there.

Dvice Article (courtesy Kevin Hall)
Gizmodo Article

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