Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scion Project week 6

I'm still struggling a little on simplifying my concept and communicating it through my sketches by next week's meeting with Calty. Its coming along but far away form being a fully developed concept. So far the it is still based on changing he buyer experience, with a central frame and interchangeable panels based on 3 themes ; sustainability, technology, and fashion, varying from a more exoskeletal design to flush panels.


Augustus said...

The reason why I bought my xB and also why I loved the older version is because of its simplicity. The form is cool but how can you easily change it up? I'm thinkin holometal or something crazy like that. Simple form complex "Digital Paint". I dunno just some thoughts man. Good luck.

Anthony Sims said...

cool thanks, I need all the input I can get. My reasoning for going organic is based on how many simple designs tend to evolve over the years, BWM, the TT, the 350z, even the xb have started out with simple form language but tend to get more organic and sophisticated as the new versions come out, some may disagree with that, but I have some ideas as how customization will be possible, leaning as far as door panels that can be resold as home furniture and reusable solar panels.

Vaughan Ling said...

rendered with showcase, nice and real-time like.